A rare medium, well done.

The VEGTOONS animated series is an independent educational initiative to promote plant-based diets for our personal and planetary health.

In a light-hearted, respectful way, VEGTOONS explores a variety of issues, concerns and assumptions that people often have regarding a vegetarian lifestyle — ranging from health and nutrition, to ethics and the environment, to relationships with family and loved ones.

The show centers around the lunchtime conversation of three protagonist friends: Hugh Manatee, Harang-Utan, and Rufus Peeve, Jr. III; an unassuming manatee, world-weary orangutan, and pampered apologist pup, respectively. The principal environment for the series is a restaurant milieu called the Meet Market Cafe. It offers strictly vegetarian dining, whereas across the street is an all-you-can-eat meat buffet, the Meaty Ogre.


Each episode is a bite-sized morsel with a specific theme, and therefore can be enjoyed on its own. Meanwhile, the entire story unfolds over the course of the show's 10 episodes.

Episode 1: Bean There, Done That. The first episode introduces the main characters of the show, and touches on the idea that being vegetarian is just a passing fad or phase.

Episode 2: Give Peas A Chance. In the second episode, some commonplace questions come up about being vegetarian: What do you eat? Where do you get your protein?

Episode 3: Fellow Earthlings. As the friends order their food, the lunchtime conversation turns toward some of the health, environmental and ethical reasons for being vegetarian.

Note: Episodes four through ten are currently in production. New episodes coming soon. Stay tooned!